Mission & Guiding Principals

Our mission at Hillcrest Educational Centers is to facilitate the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth of our students through the development of new skills that will enable them to succeed in their home community.

Our Guiding Principals:

  • Every student has the potential to succeed in life
  • Every member of the Hillcrest community (students, families, and employees) is entitled to unconditional respect
  • Every student is entitled to individualized treatment and education
  • Students need our services because they have lacked the skills, resources, or support required to cope with their environments
  • Families are an integral part of our students’ success
  • We are committed to assuring that our students reach their full academic potential
  • We are committed to continuous improvement and learning
  • We are committed to fiscal responsibility
  • We are committed to teamwork
  • We are committed to excellence