Housatonic Academy Program Description

        Hillcrest Educational Centers, Inc. was founded on the belief that our students are unique individuals with specific needs.  Accordingly, the educational programming, which we offer, is tailored to enable students to both reach and use their potential.  Students are referred to Hillcrest Educational Centers when their behavior is severely problematic, self-defeating, and, sometimes, dangerous to the student and/or others.  Therefore, our students require treatment in order to develop and learn to use self-control, to change their behavior and to grow psychologically and emotionally.  HEC’s goal is to facilitate the social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth of our students so that they will be able to do well in less restrictive settings.

        The treatment approach at Housatonic Academy (HA) is interdisciplinary.  This means that we offer each student a combination of qualified professional and paraprofessional staff who are trained in the various approaches and skills required for that student’s individual development and unique needs.  These disciplines and approaches include special education, group counseling, speech and language, occupational therapy, recreation and wellness and vocational activities and supports.

        Services are delivered at HA through a Team model.  Educators, psychologists, nurses and others work together to serve a specific group of students who are assigned to that Team.  The teams take a proactive, educational approach to helping the student change his/her problem behaviors.   The primary focus of our work is to enhance the quality of our students’ lives to such an extent that they can return to the neighborhood schools and communities.

        You’ll note that we refer to the children we serve as “students”.  At Hillcrest Educational Centers, we believe that all people can change and grow; that all people can learn.  In that sense we believe that we are all learners and we are all students.  We learn from our works with our students, how to be better teachers and helpers.  We learn from the struggles that our students have as they face new challenges.  We learn about how to be courageous in a world that has often been cruel and difficult.

        We call the children students because at the Housatonic Academy, you will learn.  You will learn new ways of thinking, feeling and acting;  new ways to get along with others; new ways to get your needs met; new ways of succeeding in the world.  We welcome you in this journey toward growth.