Organization Overview

Hillcrest Educational Foundation

General Overview of the Organization

(* Senior Management Team Member)

Board of Directors

* President/CEO

* Executive Director (reports to President/CEO)

* Vice Presidents (report to Executive Director)

– Senior VP

– VP of Finance

– VP of Human Resources & Workforce Learning

*  Department Heads (report to the Senior Vice President)


–        Director of Nursing

–        Director of Education & Assistant

–        Program Support /Facilities Director

–        Program Director/Manager

–        Clinical Director



Department Staff (report to Department Heads)


–        Supervisors & Assistants

–        Clinical Staff

–        Teachers

–        Nurses

–        Support Services

–        Youth Development Counselors

–        Teacher Aides

–        Related Service Providers


Food Service

Breakfast will be served to all students at the Housatonic Academy.  Lunch will be prepared at another Hillcrest campus and will be served each day at Housatonic Academy. If you have any allergies to specific foods, please let us know so we can accommodate you. You are welcome to bring your own lunch from home. We are a nut free school so food containing any nut product is not allowed.


At designated times throughout the days, students are also provided with healthy snacks.