Our Mission

Our mission at Hillcrest Educational Centers is to facilitate the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical growth of our students through the development of new skills that will enable them to succeed in their home community.

The success we have experienced over the last two decades, in making this mission a reality, is due to the nearly 500 Hillcrest staff members who are unequaled in their commitment and performance. As we strive to develop skills with our students that will prepare them for the world beyond Hillcrest, we have come to rely on our local community to continue to provide opportunities and great support for our programs.

It is with confidence that we envision the future. As we broaden the scope of our innovative treatment programs, which will provide more comprehensive treatment options for our students, we do so secure in the knowledge that Hillcrest Educational Centers has become one of the finest treatment and special education facilities in the country. We say this proudly, not for our own benefit, but for the benefit of the children who are, after all, our reason for being and who deserve nothing less than the best.

Guiding Principles:

Every student has the potential to succeed in life

Every member of the Hillcrest community (students, families, and employees) is entitled to unconditional respect

Every student is entitled to individualized treatment and education

Students need our services because they have lacked the skills, resources, or support required to cope with their environments

Families are an integral part of our students’ success

We are committed to assuring that our students reach their full academic potential

We are committed to continuous improvement and learning

We are committed to fiscal responsibility

We are committed to teamwork

We are committed to excellence