Program Expectations


This schedule varies according to team’s educational levels and other program needs.

7:00AM to 8:00AM              Wake up and ADLs

8:00AM to 8:45AM              Breakfast

8:45AM to 8:55AM              Free Time in Classroom

8:55AM to 11:30AM            Academics or Topic Specific Group

11:30AM to 12:00PM           1st Lunch

12:00PM to 12:30PM           2nd Lunch

12:30PM to 1:00PM             3rd Lunch

Lunch until 3:05p                  Afternoon Classes

3:30PM to 4:45PM               Activity or free time

4:30PM to 5:450PM             Four separate dinners

Dinner to 7:00PM                 Dorm time/Chores

7:00PM to 8:00PM               Activity/Snack Time

8:00PM to 8:30PM               Quiet time and ADLs

8:30PM to 9:30PM                Bedtime (Depending on Team and Level)



  • Students attend school year round. Our school calendar has 180 days during the traditional school year and 36 days during the summer school session.
  • We do not close for inclement weather since our students reside on campus.
  • School hours are from 9am-3:15pm Monday through Friday.
  • The school does have 6 weeks of vacation in a calendar year.
  • All students are expected to follow all rules set forth by Hillcrest Educational Centers and the individual classroom setting.
  • Backpacks, any music devices, inappropriate attire, hats/hoods, sunglasses, and toys are just some of the items prohibited from the school building.
  • Students are permitted to listen to music in the classrooms when provided by the teachers or staff.
  • Students are not permitted to receive phone calls during the school day. They are however permitted to contact social workers and lawyers during a free time and when staff is able to bring them to the phone.
  • Teachers will issue homework at their discretion. When homework is given, all students are expected to complete the assignments neatly, thoroughly, and in a timely manner. Staff are available to support students with homework assignments.
  • Our school provides all students the opportunity to take state assessments as required by their home state, such as MCAS, NY State Regents, as well as SATs if applicable.




 Use indoor voices at all times. Students and staff should use polite language during interactions (no swearing, sexual language, etc.)

  1. Respect the common area/living room
    1. No personal belongings left out
    2. Only staff touch the television or remote control
    3. Board(s) in the lounge should be respected and changed by staff
  1. You should always ask before:
  1. Going in or out of the bathroom
  2. Going in or out of the laundry room
  1. There will be absolutely no spending time or lounging in the hallways or doorways.
  1. You will be held accountable according to Skills for Life if you refuse:
    1. To do chores
    2. Complete or do ADLs properly
    3. Participate in circle up’s/student community meetings
  1. Students will complete daily chores when asked by staff.
  1. Students should never be in the laundry room alone.


All students are assigned a chore that needs to be completed each day. There are assigned times when chores need to be done. If a student refuses to do his/her chore or if he/she continually refuses then he/she will be held accountable according to Skills for Life.

Chores change on regular basis as determined by the team staff (usually every two weeks), so everyone gets the opportunity to all chores. This is both a learning experience so that the students know how to do all the chores and keeps students from getting “stuck” with the bad chores. Students who complete their chores at the Brookside Intensive Treatment Unit earn “ITU Bucks” for doing so, which our activities assistants keep track of. Students can then cash in their “ITU Bucks” for special ADL’s items.

Chores also help to keep the dorm clean and helps the students take responsibility for their living environment. The student’s personal belongings should not be left in the common areas when the student is not there.


Activities of Daily Living: Students are expected to stay clean and maintain a neat, clean living area. They are expected to shower at least once a day (sometimes Treatment Team, will require 2 showers), brush their teeth, comb their hair, use deodorant, and wear clean clothes. Some students have difficulty with their ADLs and need reminding and instructions. Make sure students have what they need when going into the bathroom (soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.). In some cases, Treatment Team will require a soap and shampoo check. That is where once the student is in the shower with shampoo and soap applied, they ask staff to check. Staff (same sex) cracks the bathroom door and the student sticks his head out the door to show the shampoo. The student then finishes his shower. Due to the number of students in each team students should try and limit themselves to 15 minutes. All showers should be completed in the morning before school/morning activity or in the evening before bedtime unless two (2) showers a day are specified by Treatment Team.

They should also shave, if needed, on a regular basis and razors can be obtained from the supervisor. While the student has the razor in the bathroom, the door will remain open with staff in the doorway. If the student needs help shaving – staff should give them instructions since they may never have had anyone to show them. Once completed the used razor should be returned to the Supervisor’s Office. Students at the Brookside Intensive Treatment Unit are only allowed to shave with electric razors.

As part of keeping their clothes clean each student is responsible for working with staff, on a daily basis, to ensure that they have clean clothing and bedding. Staff should be reminding and then if needed instructing students to get their laundry done. Brookside Intensive Treatment Unit provides all laundry and ADL supplies. However, the students may purchase their own products if they choose.


Students should sit quietly until served.

Once served, students can speak quietly with others at their table.


Students need permission to leave their seats.

Students are not to talk between tables.


After finishing dinner, students should clean their areas.

Students should wait until the team is finished eating and the staff transitions the team before leaving the table.


Students should not talk at the table if there is not a staff present to monitor the conversation.

A student should eat something for dinner before eating desert or snack, even if they only eat a salad or fruit.



Clothing should be clean, in good condition (no holes) and age- appropriate.

Baggy pants must be worn at the waist and with a belt.

Skirts and dresses must not be more than 3 inches above the knee.

Undergarments must be worn at all times.

Hats and coats are for outside use only.


Clothes that depict violence, gangs, drugs or sex.

Revealing shirts, i.e., sheer, tank tops, half-shirts, muscle shirts, or plunging necklines.

Tight clothing.

Heels above 1 inch.

Bandanas, dew rags, and/or altered clothing. (Dew rags & bandanas allowed at bedtime only)

Staff may ask students not to wear similar colors as other students



No new body piercing. No more than 1 earring per ear is allowed. No bigger than 1” hoops. (students can wear earrings when they are on responsibility level)

If a student comes in with body, facial or gauges, the piercings must be plugged or removed.

No facial jewelry or tongue rings.

No new tattoos