Student Rights & Responsibilities


1) The right to receive treatment.

2) The right to three meals a day and decent, appropriate clothing.

3) The right to a clean and safe environment.

4) The right to be treated with dignity, respect and fairness.

5) The right not to be discriminated against.

6) The right to education that provides preparation for living.

7) The right to information about safe sex and communicable diseases.

8) The right to adequate health and medical care, and the promotion of healthy and wholesome recreation.

9) The right to know program values and expectations.




1) The responsibility to fully participate in the treatment plan process.

2) The responsibility to cooperate with medical care, medication regimen and  recommendations.

3) The responsibility to know campus values and expectations and be accountable if they do not follow them     .

4) The responsibility to keep themselves and others safe.

5) The responsibility to make staff aware of any problems.

6) The responsibility to participate in keeping the environment clean and orderly.

7) The responsibility to keep themselves clean and maintain proper personal hygiene.

8) The responsibility to treat others with respect, dignity, and fairness.

9) The responsibility to not participate in or promote discrimination against others.