Student Support Center


The Student Support Center (SCC) is an area that students may utilize to gain control of themselves, take space, to talk about an issue of particular concern and to problem solve and develop strategies for managing their behavior most effectively. Students may ask to utilize the space or staff may ask students to utilize the space. The time spent in The Student Support Center should be kept to a minimum. The Student Support Center is a catcher’s mitt, designed to catch kids, talk them through a particular concern or event, and return them to class as quickly as possible, with new strategies for managing their behavior, minimizing the loss of time in class. The SSC is to help students work through any issues by using a skills development technique with staff assistance.

The Relaxation Station and Movement Room are rooms intended to meet students’ sensory integration needs.  These rooms are equipped with a variety of sensory tools that students may use.  The purpose of the Relaxation Station and Movement room is to help students increase self-regulation skills, encourage and develop imagination and develop sensory skills.