Family Involvement


Housatonic Academy will work closely with your parents/guardians and caregivers.  We want to build a strong relationship with your family because we know that having family involved in your schooling and treatment will help you succeed.  We strive to share information about your academic achievements and behaviors (both positive and negative).  Communication between the school and your family is a great way for you to get the recognition that you deserve for the successes and struggles that you have worked through each day at school.  Parents/guardians are encouraged to communicate with the teachers, clinicians and administrators.  This can occur via phone calls (after 3 p.m. when possible), email or written communication.  While at the Housatonic Academy, we will work with you in connecting or creating the supports that will help you succeed in your endeavors.

The Family Strong Committee is a committee that meets at least once per month to develop interventions to strengthen the relationships that Housatonic Academy staff have with families.  The committee hosts monthly events in which families are invited to come to the school to participate in a fun activity with their child and HA staff.  Family members are welcome and encouraged to join this committee.

The last week of each month is “Open Door” week.  During this week, families are encouraged to schedule a 2-hour block of time to come to the school and spend time with their child in the classroom.  Family members must schedule this time at least one week in advance and attend a brief (30-minute) orientation before participating in “Open Door” week.