Program Expectations: Safety


Every student and staff has the right to be safe and to be respected. We are committed to students learning in an environment that is safe. Safety is essential and must be maintained for a successful program.

  •         Inappropriate comments and drawing (i.e. guns, violence, drugs and alcohol, sex,

tobacco etc.) are not allowed.

  •         Inappropriate, provocative, or threatening singing or dancing is prohibited.
  •         Appropriate physical boundaries must be maintained. This means that students and

staff respect one another’s “comfort zones”, and maintain a reasonable distance

from one another. It also means that students and staff will use touch respectfully

and appropriately.

  •         Staff need to be able to hear all conversations at all times. Whispering and note

passing is not allowed.

  •         Students must be supervised at all times and stay within eyesight and earshot.
  •         Any object that can be a weapon or that has potential to be dangerous is prohibited,

e.g., matches, lighters, knives, nail files and any spray liquid items, etc.  These items will be confiscated during searches and may not be returned to the student.

  •         Cigarettes, tobacco products of any kind and alcohol are not allowed. A

Parent/Guardian will be notified.

  •         Over-the-counter medication will be provided by the School Nurse.  Students are not

allowed to bring in their own over-the-counter medication.

  •         Law requires that students wear a seat belt in a school vehicle. If a student has a

problem on the bus (not wearing a seat belt, or being disruptive or dangerous), the

Student will be placed on a safety-watch and off-campus trips may be restricted.

  •         We are committed to a safe and respectful environment. Discrimination or

harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.